Mendoza’s main industry is and has always been wine. Being the heart of viticulture in Argentina, it produces over 70% of the country’s wine and musts. It is known for being the eighth worldwide wine capital, standing out because of its varietals’ high quality, especially Malbec’s. International fairs, annual forums and the national harvest festival constitute a great part of the rich wine schedule and culture of the province.



Mendoza’s agro industrial and trading development place it fourth in relevance in Argentina. At a local level, it stands out because of its growth in terms of tourism, having Aconcagua and the wine culture being its most precious assets. Internationally, it gains importance for its convenient location, given it is the most important linking province between Argentina and Chile. International Cristo Redentor border is certainly a busy and uplifting trading spot that never ceases its greatly beneficial activities.


Poplars protecting the vineyards, alongside with the snowy mountain peaks serving as background, frame the landscape of this beautiful province. This particularly unique environment is matched by nice weather, allowing a sophisticated life style in constant touch with nature, inviting outdoor activities and exquisite propositions of local cuisine.



Pensamos, proyectamos y desarrollamos emprendimientos acordes a las necesidades actuales del mercado, priorizando siempre la calidad en cada detalle y la combinación sustentable.

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